Friday, April 30, 2010

Weak Tweaks

I am frustrated and seem to be running on a treadmill...maybe a hamster wheel is a better description because I feel like people watch me run my ass off for NOTHING.

March was an okay month as far as the budget goes. I just can't get Hubby to follow the written budget when he makes more than the 'required' amount ($1900). To him it is free money and therefor not real somehow. Like a credit card is invisible spending to so many, as is his above the line income.

His last paycheck was over $'s a week until his next paycheck and we are BROKE. There is nothing left in the bank account...ugh. Knowing his check was going to be larger than normal, he pre-spent most of it, causing us to incur $112 in overdraft fees before the damn check even got here!!!

So now, I'm just angry and that is unproductive. Can I knock it in to him? Probably not a good idea...Maybe May will be better!!